As a media partner of SAS (Strategic Advertising Solutions), Wallpaper Magazine provides a sophisticated platform for businesses looking to reach a design-savvy and affluent audience. The Wallpaper magazine, digital & social platforms, showcases the latest trends and innovations in design, architecture, art, fashion, and travel. The media brand has a far & wide reach across US, UK & Europe.

With our expertise and reach in the design industry, we can help businesses effectively target a highly engaged and discerning audience through customized advertising solutions.

SAS Media serves as the exclusive media representative for Wallpaper Magazine, Leading Design Media, Design Magazine, and Art Magazine in US, Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Middle East. Leveraging our expertise in the media industry, we ensure exceptional exposure and recognition for Wallpaper Magazine across various platforms in Dubai. Through strategic partnerships and a vast network, SAS Media maximizes the visibility of Wallpaper Magazine's content, captivating the audience in the region. As the trusted media representative, SASMedia is dedicated to driving the success and influence of Wallpaper Magazine in Dubai.

Whether you're looking to promote a luxury brand, a high-end design collection, or a bespoke travel experience, we have the resources and expertise to help you achieve your marketing goals.

SAS Media: UAE Rep for Leading Design Media in US

SAS Media is the distinguished UAE representative for leading design media in United States. Our partnership ensures exclusive access to cutting-edge design content, trends, and insights. Elevate your brand with us and stay at the forefront of the design industry through our collaboration with the leading US design media.

SAS Media: Design Magazine in US

Discover the epitome of design excellence with SAS Media, your gateway to the captivating world of design through our exclusive US Design Magazine. Immerse yourself in inspiring features, innovative trends, and unparalleled insights. Elevate your design sensibilities and stay ahead of the curve with our premium design-focused content.

SAS Media: Art Magazine in US

Uncover the realm of artistic brilliance with SAS Media, your portal to the captivating US Art Magazine. Immerse yourself in a world of creative wonders, featuring inspiring artworks, in-depth artist interviews, and the latest trends. Elevate your appreciation for art and culture with our premium content, curated for enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

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