Family Traveller

Family Traveller

As an exclusive media partner of Family Traveller, SAS offers strategic advertising solutions to businesses looking to reach the highly engaged and influential audience . With our expertise in creative media planning, & story telling & development, you can effectively target families who are passionate about travel and adventure.

Family Traveller is a comprehensive print, online & events platform for families who love to travel. As a trusted source of travel information and inspiration, Family Traveler provides a wealth of resources for families, including destination guides, travel tips, and recommendations for family-friendly accommodations, activities, and attractions.

SASMedia proudly acts as the media representative for Family Traveller Dubai. With our expertise in the media industry, we ensure extensive exposure and recognition for Family Traveller across various platforms in the region. Through strategic collaborations and a wide network, SASMedia optimizes the visibility of Family Traveller's content, captivating the audience in Dubai. As the trusted media representative, SASMedia is committed to driving the success and impact of Family Traveller in Dubai's media landscape.

By partnering with Family Traveller and SAS, businesses can tap into the growing market of family travel and connect with a highly engaged and influential audience across their key markets in US, UK & Germany. Whether you're promoting a family-friendly hotels, tourism, experiences or travel products , Family Traveller and SAS can help you reach your marketing goals. Contact us today to learn more.

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